Location: Roldanillo Valle del Cauca (Colombia)
Establishment: Instituto de Educación Técnica Profesional
Training: Agricultural Administrators, Precision Agriculture Seminar
Objective: Show the services and extent of precision agriculture through drones and satellite images.

We are pleased to announce the collaboration with Instituto Técnico Agrícola INTEP Roldanillo in Valle del Cauca to fortify the agriculture future through the implementation of innovative technologies. We are commited to the precision agriculture progress, applying drone and satellite images. This strategic alliance seeks to enhance the training in this key areas, preparing the students for the modern agricultural challenges.

We share with the students all the precision agriculture methods applied to the lemon crops on the farm, soil analysis, integrated management and drone appications, activities programme is explained, flight programme, velocity and drop size. We are also accompanied by helidrones and the release of the DJI Agras T50 sprinkler equipment.

If you are interested in recieving training applied to your industry, contact us here TYC GIS and ask for our training offer.

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