Geographic Information Systems with QGIS
Mode: On-site.
Location: Estepona (Málaga).
Course objective: Get in touch with the QGIS platform in order to transition from CAD to GIS format, focused on planning and monitoring of urban projects.
Dates: 16 of november 2023 – 18 of december 2023.
Participants: 10


Brief description.

Past december, we have teached the basic course of QGIS, as usual based on a practical approach and guided by a experienced team in urban development projects, CAI CONSULTORES.

We start with a brief theoric introduction to GIS and we get familiar with the QGIS display, addresing then how to handle vector data. We learned to load different data sources, manage symbology and labeling of urban elements on maps on plans.

The handling of coordinates systems, CAD files import and its transformation to GIS files tool most of our time. We explored design tools, similiars to the ones already used on CAD platforms and we focus on enrich shapes with joints and relations.

Geoprocessing and spatial analysis tools allow us to understand the relationships between different urban elements, like buildings, roads and green areas. This is key to perform the environmental impact analysis, risk evaluation and infrastructure planning.

The handling of Digital Elevation Models (DEM) was essential for urban planning, delivering detailed information of the topography of the terrain. Finally, we explored the map composition, specially focused on the mass production of maps through the QGIS Atlas and the handling of dynamic elements of the maps.

From the start, we focus on customise the exercises to the personal needs of every participant. We have enjoyed a participative atmosphere and conductive to the performance of the training, very enrichning and satisfactory, which we hope we will be able to repeat in the future.

If you are interested in recieving training with us, focused to your area, contact us here en TYC GIS and ask for our training offer.

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