Projects TYC GIS® | Agricultural survey with satellite, orthophoto and drone imagery

2024-06-14T11:27:47+00:0023 de May de 2024|Blog EN, Projects TYC GIS, TYC GIS® Legal advice and appraisal|

Remote sensing images (obtained through satellites, planes or drones) can be of great interest for the execution of certain agricultural [...]

Projects TYC GIS® | Inventory and green areas management plugin for the cities from Banco Santander

2024-06-17T10:45:15+00:0020 de May de 2024|Blog EN, Development and Programming, Projects TYC GIS|

In the same line as the urban inventory management plugins previously developed for the city hall of Pozuelo de Alarcón [...]

INTEP Training | Precision Agriculture applied to Citrus crops

2024-06-11T13:45:37+00:008 de May de 2024|Blog EN, Precision agriculture, TYC GIS® Training and Consultancy|

Location: Roldanillo Valle del Cauca (Colombia) Establishment: Instituto de Educación Técnica Profesional Training: Agricultural Administrators, Precision Agriculture Seminar Objective: Show [...]

Project TYC GIS® | Migration of a project to GIS format for the improvement of a US military base

2024-03-06T14:44:56+00:0020 de February de 2024|Blog EN, Projects TYC GIS|

In this project, work was done on the migration of the elements of the military base in CAD format to [...]

Projects TYC GIS® | Plugin development for urban inventory in Avilés

2024-03-06T14:45:50+00:007 de February de 2024|Blog EN, Development and Programming, Projects TYC GIS|

Some weeks ago, we talked about a project carried out for EULEN of a QGIS plugin for urban inventory management. [...]

Project | Mapsens Agro | Mapping and inventory of oil palm cultivation

2024-03-06T14:50:15+00:0031 de January de 2024|Precision agriculture, Projects TYC GIS|

● Location: Meta department (Colombia) ● Surface area: 3000 hectares ● Data source: Drone ● Main objective: Identify living palms [...]

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