Support was provided in the generation of cartography, review of data collection and layout of routes in the offer for the urban cleaning service in the municipality of Chiclana de la Frontera (Cádiz), using Geographic Information Systems.

Mapped services:

o Sweeping (manual, brigade, maintenance, mechanical, mixed and related).
o Washing (manual, mechanical, mixed and related).
o Weeding.
o Scrubbing.
o Other services (plastering, leaf fall, cleaning of event areas in times of celebrations, etc.).

Brief description:

The works included the review of the data collection (sidewalks, curbs, litter garbage cans, etc.) performed in the field by the client, the sectorization of the itineraries of the different services, the layout of the optimal routes for each of the itineraries taking into account the characteristics of each of the services. Finally, individual plans were generated for the correct monitoring of the itinerary by the operators.