Data collection and implementation of mobile mapping technology for the management and maintenance M-30 highway (ring road of the city of Madrid, Spain).

The project includes the realization of Mobile Mapping shots implanted in a vehicle. Once the data is collected, it is processed, stored and made available for use by the maintenance team using specialized software.

In addition, to facilitate the work of the technicians, a specific data model has been developed to assist in the inventory, data completion and measurement tasks.

Project phases:

  1. Preparation of the vehicle for data collection.
  2. Data acquisition.
  3. Data processing and LRS (Linear Referencing System).
  4. Design of the data model and implementation of the data exploitation system at the customer’s site.
  5. Training and license support.

Scope: All overhead sections of the M-30 highway (Madrid city ring road, Spain), including several sections of other roads that are included in its maintenance contract.

Technology:  Photogrammetric mobile mapping.

Customer: EMESA.


Empresa de Mantenimiento de la M-30

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