Work was carried out to support the cartographic generation and mapping of routes in the bid for the urban cleaning and waste collection service for the municipality of Tarragona.
Digitization and cartographic generation work was carried out with the support of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Street cleaning mapped services:

o Sweepings (manual, mechanical, mixed and related).
o Bucketing (manual, mechanical, mixed and related).
o Scrubbing.
o Paint stripping.
o Pam a Pam.
o Other services (leaf collection, industrial site cleaning…).
o Collection of the different recycling categories, both residential and comercial.

Brief description:

The work included the sectorization of the itineraries of the different services, the layout of the optimal routes for each of the itineraries taking into account the characteristics of each one of them. Together with this, and due to the large number of plans required, we worked on an automated generation of plans for the correct follow-up of the itineraries by the operators.

The work was carried out for different seasons of the year (high season, low season, etc.), so that differences in the planning and frequency of services were taken into account depending on the date on which they were carried out.


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